Extraordinary performance from standard materials 

Liquiform Technology does not depend on a special material or additive, but is a change in reinforcement design which creates a higher performance yield from the same amount of materials. In many uses strength is more than doubled, and elongation increased by five times.  Higher performance from  the same amount of materials equals value!

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Cumulative seamless construction saves waste 

Systems using Liquiform Technology have eliminated over a lifetime enough landfill debris to cover a city the size of Sacramento several feet deep, and air pollution hundreds of feet high.  Likewise, herbicides have been eliminated by the ton, and maintenance eliminated for decades with EniroWeld Asphalt Composite vegetation barrier.


 EnviroWeld Composite 


Product Improvement masde simple.  Call to see how 

Short life, disposable products waste, both financial and environmental resources.  "The question is not how much can be charged, nor how much others might charge.  The question is, are we spending your money the way we would our own.  If so, we will always have business, if not, we do not deserve to be in business ."     (Liquiform Founding 1992) 


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